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Crea Iloa jewellery – treasures your memories.

Jewellery are for everyday adventures, bringing a little bit of attitude and cheerfulness to your life. Jewellery has been inspired by northern rugged and beautiful nature. Design is clean modern and Scandinavian. All Crea Iloa jewelry are designed and manufactured with skill and responsibility in Finland.

Make it more, make it yours!

Emotions and memories sparked by scents are emotionally stronger than others.

Treasure your unforgettable moments and your beloved memories. Those memories make your story and you are made of thousands of stories. That makes you unique! The stories may be memories of scent of spring, the fragrance of roses that you received from your loved one or scent of cinnamon bun from your childhood.

By adding fragrance to the piece of jewelry, you add your own story, which makes it truly unique.You can add any type of liquid scent to your Crea Iloa jewellery. To get the scent of your choice, just spray some perfume on the back of the piece of jewelry – it will last for up to three weeks. 

Sensitive skin but you love perfumes?
Add perfume to the jewellery and you do not need to add any chemicals to your skin or clothes.

Crea stands for creation, and Iloa is Finnish for joy. The aim of the company is therefore to act according to its name: to Create Joy.



Crea Iloa :n lifestyle tuotteet ovat lahjoja, joita voit antaa ilolla tai ostaa ihan omaksi iloksi.  Henkareilla ja naulakoilla saat kauniit suosikki vaatteesi esille. Henkka Hanger ja Jack the Rack pitävät myös huivit, laukut ja korut järjestyksessä. Lifestyle tuotteet ovat ilopilkku kodinsisustuksessa.