Crea Iloa and our the first crowdfunding campaign

We have started crowdfunding campaign. You can get involved with a small amount like 10 € I appreciate a lot if you can share the information about our campaign forward. Thank you very much

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Here is something more about indiegogo and our campaign

The first Crea Iloa jewellery collection was launched in 2015 for the Christmas market. We have developed and expanded our collection. We even designed an ecological jewellery box which is also for jewellery display. We are based in Finland and working in small country means that resources are limited because of the small consumer base. Finland has total of 5.5 million people. That’s why we want to tell our story to a wider audience.

You can help us to expand our brand awareness outside of Finland. You can make it possible for us to work towards our goal and give us the opportunity to grow as designers and as a company.

Our goal is to be first international successful and growing Finnish jewellery company by 2020.

We are grateful for all the help we can get. We also welcome feedback, ideas and cooperation proposals. If you have something in your mind, let us know


Nordic Designers Pop-up

Crea Iloa jewelry are hopping in Nd Pop-up Shop

Crea Iloa jewelry can be found in Nd pop up from 1of April

Nd Nordic Designers´ Pop-up Shop gathers the most interesting Finnish designer labels (womenswear, menswear, kidswear and accessories) for a two months sales happening twice per year. This new sales and marketing shop platform has been launched for the first time to boost the contemporary established and new fashion brands sales and marketing in Helsinki .

Nd Nordic Designers´ Pop-up Shop consept is inspired by nature, combining luxus & indiestyle and sustainable design.

Innovative shop consept vol. 3 interior decoration will be created in collaboration with Finnish top brands: ADI Furniture, LUNDIA and HUILI magazine.

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Crea Iloa is part of KORUJA PERKELE!


Designing and making jewellery is sometimes an uphill struggle without traction. Beautiful jewellery doesn’t show the hardships and swear words which have gone into making them. Good because then the job is well done. Gutsy, creative and professionaly made Finnish jewellery is known around the world. Here they are, made in Lahti ready to conquer the world, JEWELLERY GODDAMNIT!

25.2 LA klo 10-18 + Opening / Varaslähtö avajaiset
26.2 SU klo 11-18
27.2 MA klo 11-18 + Design week opening / Uusinta avajaiset
28.2 TI klo 11-18
1.3 KE klo 11-17
2.3 TO klo 11-18
3.3 PE klo 11-21
4.3 LA klo 12-18
5.3 SU klo 12-17

More about Koruja Perkele!

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Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa


Formex_fair_jewelry_blog crea_iloa_jewelry_box




We are part of Accessories Mastered

Tanna from Crea Iloa was selected to be a part of Mastered program.

“This program is for 200 accessories designers who want to build a standout global brand. Mastered program will take you on a 10-month journey to build a standout accessories brand. You will learn from the best experts. You will refine your brand and hone your business; you will get valuable critique and exposure from PRs, buyers and editors; and you will meet collaborators you will rise up with.”

mastered mastered mastered


Jewellery Form Finland

Jewellery Form Finland – a unique project of export of twelve jewelery firm. Finnish Goldsmith Association, in cooperation with PanScan Consulting launched a jewelry design and Fine Jewellery export project.

Jewellery Form Finland is a joint project of export of twelve jewelery company´s. The aim is to open new sales channels by making use of Finnish design raised around the world. The project will start in Sweden, which is an important market area for Finland.

Business supply is the personal touch, different from each other artistically and hard levels. Brands seeking different target groups and appeal to different consumers. The exhibition presents new collections and industry excellence.

The first stages of the joint project carried out in the Nordic region’s largest lifestyle event,Formex fair in January and August 2017. As part of the project will be held networking in collaboration with the Swedish Ambassador to the Finnish Embassy officials apartment the day before the fair opens.

AND Crea Iloa is part of this! jeij! (:

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Here we go! Crea Iloa Tanna and Jenni Rutonen from Jenni Rutonen Design

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Our Jewellery Form Finland stand in Formex Fair

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Hello! from Finnish Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm. We are starting our PR event.

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Crea Iloa PR event jewelry display

Jewellery Form Finland Formex Fair Crea Iloa

Our display on Formex fair and in Jewellery Form Finland stand

Crea Iloa <3 Monoqi

Here is our campaign

What is Monoqi?


MONOQI is the online destination for hand-picked design. Since 2012, we have dedicated ourselves to collecting hard-to-find and limited-edition design products. With an international team representing over 25 nationalities, MONOQI searches the globe for the best contemporary design, making strong curatorial selections.

Each day, MONOQI presents up to 100 new unique products from several international designers. We’re constantly on the lookout for design which sets itself apart from other products on the market: pieces that are simultaneously elegant and timeless enough to subtly integrate into our day-to-day lives.

At MONOQI, exclusivity does not mean unaffordable luxury – rather, we rely on a democratic understanding of design, curating limited editions at affordable prices for our design-savvy members.

To date, we’ve worked with over 10,000 international designers, picking up currents of the global zeitgeist as well as setting our own trends. Many MONOQI products were relatively unknown before being selected by us, made accessible to a broad demographic for the first time through us, and are on their way to becoming the classics of tomorrow.

One of MONOQI’s largest shareholders is Condé Nast, which counts brands like AD Architectural Digest, GQ, VOGUE, GLAMOUR, myself, and WIRED within their German portfolio. Additionally, angel investor Christophe Maire, Dario Suter and Jochen Gutbrod have shares in MONOQI.

And we are Crea Iloa

First and foremost, furniture should fulfil the purpose it was built for—true, but for Lahti-based design firm Crea Iloa that’s simply not enough. Whether a product’s edge, the tone of its finish, or the way it stands inside a room, a design should be created to spread a little joy, which is exactly what the label was founded to do. Produced by family-run businesses and small workshops, the Finnish firm’s homewares and ceramic jewellery collections pair fresh shapes and colours with thoughtful designs, each ready to bring a smile to any old outfit or interior.

Sinne Store


Walking on the street of Lahti in the gorgeous autumn air, sneaking around those construction sites, may one day our feet take us to the Sinne store. Our today blog will cover the Sinne store, another spotlight on Vesijärvenkatu street. The store is small, yet also be home for a bigger dream.


Got hooked with Paulus Ähtävä, the shop owner in a local entrepreneurship event, the very next day I took the chance to visit him at his own storefront to hear more and see more. As memory serves me well, that days when Lahti was packed with renovation sites, it was frustrated to just navigate through your daily path. Eventually, I still found the narrow split between the construction barriers that shows the Sinne sign.


The central idea of Sinne store is not just any ordinary storefront that focuses on clothing. What Paulus is trying to convey is a brand new idea, where an implemented in-shop café will enhance the shoping experience. Greeting me that day, Paulus showed a bright, warm smile, and invited me to just get around and dig through all the best that Sinne can offer. However, what attracted me more that day was not those pieces of clothing, or those eye-catchy decorations. The story of the business idea shone throughout the day.

Started in 2009, while Paulus was pursuing his degree in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, the firm behind Sinne store first concentrated on events organization. After settle down the financial security, the storefront popped up. Admitted by Paulus himself, the whole experience was consisted of trials and errors. Being a hardcore snowboarding himself, Paulus thrived to conveyed the spirit of the game through his brand, Sinne, and also afraid of the fact that his ideas would be likely killed off in large enterprises, where the bosses dictate, that then shop owner guy started his company with so little support. Finding his inspiration via loving what he does, Paulus did give the firm he founded the essence of street culture. Hardly you find a workplace out of Sinne store, it is Paulus’s second home.

On sharing some achievements of his fruits of hard works, Paulus told me that since the grand opening in 2014, the revenue of the shop itself marked 315,000 euros last year. And this was somewhat contributed to by the operation of the coffee shop. As explanation for the striking decision of such hard to find combination in private shops, Paulus stated: “It rounds up the shopping experience. I want my customers to relaxed, to have much more room in their mind for the shopping process!”. And somehow, it worked, having such a corner as a meeting place, it is quite frequently that Sinne store become the rendezvous for local artists and athletes. This phenomenon even promoted the store further, as now Sinne plays an active role in supporting the locals. And from that, the events featuring Sinne store popped up like mushrooms after rain.


As time passed by, before coming back to those waiting customers, Paulus shared some of his visions. Along with the bricks and mortar store, Sinne web shop is the gateway to the world of Paulus’ firm. In the future, more refinements are to come to enhance the customers’ awareness from targeted markets, and all can be done via the web shop.  While gaining some footprints in the local market, and setting the goal for future expansion, the most bugging issue toward Paulus is to balance the work-life balance, acknowledging himself as an active sport fan, the kind that does not watch, and a works lover. All and all, what I learned from this simple-looking man is enormous.

On departing Sinne store, something has been troubling my mind, as a youngster, I have not done much for my dreams and passions, or developing myself. The very big lesson that Paulus conveyed throughout his long way so far was to start doing things you love to do, regardless of timing. To some degree, the visit to Sinne store served me far well than I expected.


Trivia of Lahti’s autumn


During October, the sunlight hit Lahti from an angle most of the time, and leaves start to fall from light breezes, one knows right away that he is living his autumn time. In this sort piece of writing, sporadic feelings and thoughts shall be expressed upon the autumn reigning in Lahti these days.

You know it autumn through all of your senses, so to enjoy autumn to the best is to open all your senses. Follow me closely, while I lead you through all the senses of autumn just as I am experiencing it in Lahti.

The first indicator of autumn comes subtly yet suddenly with the fall of leaves, such phenomene gave the season its name. Upon getting up to the Church of Cross, maple trees are sending their leaves through the breeze. Downhill to Fellmanninpuisto, horse chestnut fruits are falling down the ground. Struck those eyes of passer-by were that vibrant ruskea color of those leaves. Unlike summer, autumn comes with its grace.

For those who start to regret the past summer, it is high time to put on autumn jackets, as it is time to take a walk. With a non-violent transition from summer, autumn reminds people to slow down and to gather all of its beauty into those eyes and then ears. Slowly and silently walking down the street of the time, one finds himself impossible to make those crispy noises, dry leaves are all the places.

Climbing up a familiar hill, surround the feet up to the ankle level are those fallen leaves, though tried vigorously, on cannot resist the temptation to kick them, to throw them, and to just pointlessly look at them falling. And as those kids go back to school, it is just delightful to hear their laughter echoing from a far. Autumn is the season for those wanderers who love indulging themselves into the endless joy of ages to come.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

Autumn also brings many to your taste buds. Sideway to work or to school, apple trees yield their fruits inviting pedestrians to pick them. Even on those busy streets, some thoughtful storekeepers put a basket full of handpicked apples for those occupied souls to partake. As what you taste are dictated by what the nose says, it is so incomplete to come to the dinner table eventually. This is where you find writer of this blog sitting anxiously personifying autumn as a beautiful, fertile woman, whose hair lingered that smell of nutmeg. Autumn’s iconic dessert should be something associated with pie. Those apples, pumpkins, and so on fillings, inside a crispy, flaky, and earthy pie crust, what can resemble the season better on your dinner table?

Roaming through all the realm of senses, what is left lingering in our mind whenever autumn come? To the writer, it is those melancholy, bittersweet memories of good times in the past that is still found. And for those autumn to come, what else should one expects?


Crea Iloa is growing, and some Indiegogo action

Crea Iloa is growing, and some Indiegogo action


After nearly a year into operation, everything is quite mature at Crea Iloa now. Therefore, the need for growth and supports is stronger than ever. Hence, we are up with some presences on a well-known crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

It is obvious that, though the brewing of business idea has reached its fruit, we still have a long way to go until Crea Iloa’s jewels find their right place in the market. We have been thriving on creating the jewels of a more authentic lifestyle of future, we need helps in order to realize and to popularize our fruits of creativity. However, as young, enthusiastic people, what we lack were networks and finance, and the most viable way to go is crowdfunding.

As you might have reckoned, to pool supports from people around the globe, we all need a medium, some kind of platform for crowdfunding. And after much consideration, Indiegogo came up as the most potential candidate. We love the idea of carrying the Finnish identity to the world, and we love the more relaxed manner of Nordic cultures, that why we chose Indiegogo.


Founded in 2008, the site housed over 200 000 campaigns of crowdfunding from 100 countries. What sets Indiegogo aside is that, the site operates under Keep it All (KiA) model, unlike All or Nothing (AoN) model of others. While the successful campaigns are levied 5% fee, the unsuccessful ones can still keep the money raised minus 9% fee. With this model, backers of projects experience less pressure to avoid loss, and may have more time considering the gain on supporting the projects. And above all, Indiegogo works everywhere, so nothing stops people of Crea Iloa now.

After those blanch and long discussion about crowdfunding and about the platform, it is a true relieve just to take a walk on to Indiegogo site itself. There are tons of cool ideas out there that need supports, and just by looking at the staggering number of funds raised, we are blooming with hope. Just go there and see for yourselves, you will definitely understand our feelings right now.

All in all, there is still a long way ahead of us, and we are still so far away from the goal. Anyway, it is fortunate that now we found the place to start, the whole picture shall come together in no time. Keep watching us on the path of creativity, and we will make sure you are kept posted about the great things to come.