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This time introduce Puoti a small shop in Lahti

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

Little shop called Puoti

Hide itself on the great slope of Rautatienkatu in the center of Lahti, a little ordinary-like shop named Puoti locates. Sometimes, pedestrians hesitantly stop in front of the big glass window, anxiously look into the mannequins displayed there, and eventually feel an irresistible drive to push themselves in. Today afternoon, among those pedestrians, I, the wanderer, walked by the path where little intriguing Puoti lies.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

The virtue here is not to judge any book by its covers, this little shop has more than its humble storefront to offer. Share the tiny space inside Puoti are four different brands of entrepreneurs. Among them, two deliver trends and style via clothing one chooses to indulge in flower arrangements and events, one nurtures the nostalgia for vintage, and one conveys coziness through home decors. Once walks inside, one seldom finds himself disappointed.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

Through the door to the left side, the realm of Florencia flower & vintage rules. Owned by Merja Lohisalo, the brand brings back those glamorous days of the 60s and 70s. Just few more steps inside, and you are lost in the realm of interior decorations, those little things that make your house your homie. Filled the air was those warm, incandescent light of those past days.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

Now, something catches the eyes where lays those pretty flower and that closet full of fresh, lively plants of Convivium, such a catchy and cheesy name for something so small, but pretty. Last but not least, the fresh breeze of those clothing stuffs reflects from Kukaneko’s and Marakattimarssi’s shelves. While one brand focuses on adult, the latter finds itself interested in children. All in all, since 3 years ago, Puoti has been the roof of four different brands.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

Thinking of Puoti, one may find it packed with things that normally should not belong to one another. However, those brands owners in Puoti find themselves in such harmony in which, everything has its place in peace with others. Puoti is not a brick and mortar store, it is the masterpiece of arrangement. The refreshing experience in Puoti gives people a feeling that it is some sort of exhibition, where artifacts of young, and modern designs shine.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

In Puoti, one may not find those flashy, luxurious names of the trade, one finds just plain and pure inspiration. With little talking, those four designers there arrange their time and space in such a unique yet blended together way. It is inevitable to wonder whether there should be any empathy or even telepathy among them. After all, from my wonderful afternoon, I strongly hope that, may you find yourself wandering on Rautatienkatu of Lahti, do not hesitate to look for that humble yet magnificent Puoti.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle



From wanderer to social media trainee – The journey down the streams of inspiration

Blogger Hoang

Today is another ordinary Friday, when I sit down in a corner filled with soft and diffused light trying to recap my things during last week, which is slowly but steadfastly creeping away with the weekend to come. Though, unlike all other Fridays, on which I just sat around the corner of my student house, today, I got a seat in a desk inside Crea Iloa, the little Finnish startup that somehow I got in touch with, and somehow drew my interests.

The name is Hoang, of course it is not my real name, a long, tongue-twisted Vietnamese name. For the last four years, I have been a wanderer in Finland trying to figure out my real calling, something I can do well, as well as enjoy doing. Things seem really really slow in Finland for me, my friends are leaving, my campus life coming to an end, yet I found none of the business world out there is able to attract me. That was until when I came across the intriguing Crea Iloa, jewelry designer and home décor company located in Lahti, Finland. For years, I felt my life had been just like a boat slowly floats along the stream, waiting for its time to come to roam the great sea, but the sea seemed too far away for me. It’s no use spending time whining and complaining, so read on about my story, I can assure to you that it won’t be boring.

crea iloa korut jewelry

Getting to know about Crea Iloa through my tutor teacher, I found it truly ambiguous to visualize what is the core virtues of the idea, the name itself is not what really familiar to English speakers and non-Finnish to fathom. The time of revelation came two weeks ago, when I finally met Tanna, the little warm and hearty Finnish woman behind Crea Iloa’s lines of jewelry, a meeting that I must have regretted not having it sooner. Walked inside the small company showroom that Monday morning, I could not distinguish all the mixed feelings of hope, anxiety, and even the shiver sent down my spine just as I came in. Things was what you could expected from the most thriving adventurous acts on films, however, all those feelings vanished as Tanna, that kind woman led me through the ideas of Crea Iloa. Got out of those mixed feelings, now all I can feel is such a handful dose of inspiration and joyful thoughts that run through my veins. From all of the sudden, it comes to my mind that Crea Iloa comes from the creation of joy or Iloa in Finnsih, such a name. For the sake of your time, let me skip through my excitements, and come straight to what I hopefully convey to you, my beloved readers on these upcoming blog posts.

The one thing troubles Tanna’s mind apart from her enthusiasm toward jewelry making is that her dream is not just to make beautiful, lifestyle inspiring pieces of jewels, but also to get the world out there know more about Finnish unique style of living through her ideas and designs. Now, my friends, if you are still wondering why I was so excited about being a trainee here, this is that reason. After living in Finland for four years, I found out it is Finnish way of living that got into me, from some aspects, I found myself a new home here, in Finland. Finns love making every random thing in their lives count, so do I, and that is what I truly believe to be the future way of living. We all saw what overconsuming lifestyle led us to, so why we should not learn from the Finns?

As we grow, we learn new things, and also realities, as the result, we start to forget our dreams, dreams to be good, dreams to be great. Since that day I met Tanna, and found out the idealism behind Crea Iloa, I found my way back to my true calling. So, stay tuned while I document my new journey in Crea Iloa for you in order to study, and to get into the Finnish lifestyle. Moreover, in any circumstances you would have opportunity to go to Lahti, Finland, drop by Crea Iloa, there are much more awesomeness await.

– Hoang