Crea Iloa is growing, and some Indiegogo action

Crea Iloa is growing, and some Indiegogo action


After nearly a year into operation, everything is quite mature at Crea Iloa now. Therefore, the need for growth and supports is stronger than ever. Hence, we are up with some presences on a well-known crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

It is obvious that, though the brewing of business idea has reached its fruit, we still have a long way to go until Crea Iloa’s jewels find their right place in the market. We have been thriving on creating the jewels of a more authentic lifestyle of future, we need helps in order to realize and to popularize our fruits of creativity. However, as young, enthusiastic people, what we lack were networks and finance, and the most viable way to go is crowdfunding.

As you might have reckoned, to pool supports from people around the globe, we all need a medium, some kind of platform for crowdfunding. And after much consideration, Indiegogo came up as the most potential candidate. We love the idea of carrying the Finnish identity to the world, and we love the more relaxed manner of Nordic cultures, that why we chose Indiegogo.


Founded in 2008, the site housed over 200 000 campaigns of crowdfunding from 100 countries. What sets Indiegogo aside is that, the site operates under Keep it All (KiA) model, unlike All or Nothing (AoN) model of others. While the successful campaigns are levied 5% fee, the unsuccessful ones can still keep the money raised minus 9% fee. With this model, backers of projects experience less pressure to avoid loss, and may have more time considering the gain on supporting the projects. And above all, Indiegogo works everywhere, so nothing stops people of Crea Iloa now.

After those blanch and long discussion about crowdfunding and about the platform, it is a true relieve just to take a walk on to Indiegogo site itself. There are tons of cool ideas out there that need supports, and just by looking at the staggering number of funds raised, we are blooming with hope. Just go there and see for yourselves, you will definitely understand our feelings right now.

All in all, there is still a long way ahead of us, and we are still so far away from the goal. Anyway, it is fortunate that now we found the place to start, the whole picture shall come together in no time. Keep watching us on the path of creativity, and we will make sure you are kept posted about the great things to come.


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