Trivia of Lahti’s autumn


During October, the sunlight hit Lahti from an angle most of the time, and leaves start to fall from light breezes, one knows right away that he is living his autumn time. In this sort piece of writing, sporadic feelings and thoughts shall be expressed upon the autumn reigning in Lahti these days.

You know it autumn through all of your senses, so to enjoy autumn to the best is to open all your senses. Follow me closely, while I lead you through all the senses of autumn just as I am experiencing it in Lahti.

The first indicator of autumn comes subtly yet suddenly with the fall of leaves, such phenomene gave the season its name. Upon getting up to the Church of Cross, maple trees are sending their leaves through the breeze. Downhill to Fellmanninpuisto, horse chestnut fruits are falling down the ground. Struck those eyes of passer-by were that vibrant ruskea color of those leaves. Unlike summer, autumn comes with its grace.

For those who start to regret the past summer, it is high time to put on autumn jackets, as it is time to take a walk. With a non-violent transition from summer, autumn reminds people to slow down and to gather all of its beauty into those eyes and then ears. Slowly and silently walking down the street of the time, one finds himself impossible to make those crispy noises, dry leaves are all the places.

Climbing up a familiar hill, surround the feet up to the ankle level are those fallen leaves, though tried vigorously, on cannot resist the temptation to kick them, to throw them, and to just pointlessly look at them falling. And as those kids go back to school, it is just delightful to hear their laughter echoing from a far. Autumn is the season for those wanderers who love indulging themselves into the endless joy of ages to come.

Puoti shop in Lahti, lifestyle

Autumn also brings many to your taste buds. Sideway to work or to school, apple trees yield their fruits inviting pedestrians to pick them. Even on those busy streets, some thoughtful storekeepers put a basket full of handpicked apples for those occupied souls to partake. As what you taste are dictated by what the nose says, it is so incomplete to come to the dinner table eventually. This is where you find writer of this blog sitting anxiously personifying autumn as a beautiful, fertile woman, whose hair lingered that smell of nutmeg. Autumn’s iconic dessert should be something associated with pie. Those apples, pumpkins, and so on fillings, inside a crispy, flaky, and earthy pie crust, what can resemble the season better on your dinner table?

Roaming through all the realm of senses, what is left lingering in our mind whenever autumn come? To the writer, it is those melancholy, bittersweet memories of good times in the past that is still found. And for those autumn to come, what else should one expects?


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