Crea stands for creation, and Iloa is Finnish for joy. The aim of the company is therefore to act according to its name: to Create Joy.

Crea Iloa Oy is a manufacturer of design products, based in lahti the lake region of Finland. All Crea Iloa products are designed and manufactured with skill and responsibility in Finland.

We want to offer the possibility of success to others as well, and succeed in our endeavours together with our partners. Our aim is to grow into an international company, and to provide Iloa to as many people as possible.

Our product range consists of ceramic pieces of jewelry, in which silver or aluminium is used, as well as decorative items for your home, made from wood and ceramics. You can add fragrance to all our products. (read more about adding fragrance here).


We are the founders of the Crea Iloa Company. We are not afraid of work, but we do feel that it does not have to be that serious. We chose to do what we really wanted to do, and that puts a smile on our faces.

We have both worked as entrepreneurs for several years. The foundation from which we start is solid and built by ourselves. We do not know what lies ahead of us next year, or further down the road. All we can do is make plans here and now, which is exactly what we find so exciting. We are embarking on an adventure and a future built by us.


You can add any type of liquid scent to your Crea Iloa product. To get the scent of your choice, just spray some perfume on the back of the piece of jewelry – it will last for up to three weeks. Read more about adding fragrance here.

Here´s an unscientific description. People use their sense of smell more than we think. We just tend to focus more on eyesight and hearing. Emotions and memories sparked by scents are emotionally stronger than others. It is still unknown to science why that is, one possible explanation suggests that the reason is the olfactory nerve´s direct contact with the amygdalae, which in turn are part of the limbic system, i.e. the part of the brain that processes emotional reactions and memories.

The effects of scents are individual, as is the case with memories. Minun Iloa jewelry can be worn as traditional adornments as part of your attire, as a source of your preferred fragrance, or as your personal amulet. The Kodin Iloa product range creates atmosphere. Especially combined with essential oils, you can create a cosy atmosphere in various spaces of your home.


Eyes open and in touch with life. We are inspired by everything that goes on around us. One must live and experience. That is how we gather inspiration.