You can add any type of liquid scent to your Crea Iloa product. To get the scent of your choice, just spray some perfume on the back of the piece of jewelry – it will last for up to three weeks.



The scent generated from Iloa products is mild. It does not spread far, and will not bother people with chemical sensitivity. Higher temperatures strengthen the scent, jewelry on bare skin will therefore have a stronger scent. When using your Kodin Iloa product at home, try placing it on the mantelpiece or use it as a candle coaster for a stronger scent.


People use their sense of smell more than we think. We just tend to focus more on eyesight and hearing. Emotions and memories sparked by scents are emotionally stronger than others. It is still unknown to science why that is, one possible explanation suggests that the reason is the olfactory nerve´s direct contact with the amygdalae, which in turn are part of the limbic system, i.e. the part of the brain that processes emotional reactions and memories.

Scents can ease and calm, as well as energize the way you feel. Aroma therapy is based on scents and their effects on a person. Sage, for instance, has a sharpening effect on your mind, whereas peppermint is an energizer. The effects of scents are individual, as is the case with memories.

Minun Iloa jewelry can be worn as traditional adornments as part of your attire, as a source of your preferred fragrance, or as your personal amulet. The Kodin Iloa product range creates atmosphere. Especially combined with essential oils, you can create a cosy atmosphere in various spaces of your home.