’Minun Iloa’ jewelry comes with especially designed packaging.

We decided to design an entirely new kind of jewelry box, one that is ecological, affordable, durable and naturally good looking.

The box protects the piece of jewelry during transportation, is part of the jewelry decoration in the store, and can also be used as a small jewelry box at home. Most importantly, the piece of jewelry and its casing is a beautiful gift.

We have developed a durable, interesting and biodegradable jewelry box in cooperation with a Finnish family-run business possessing a wealth of industrial design experience. The casing is made from fully recyclable wood composites. The same material has been used to make e.g. terrace flooring and dish brush handles. The material will not cause oxidation of silver products, as opposed to some cartons. There is no wastage in the manufacturing process of the box, which means that all of the raw material is used. The box is seamless, which improves durability and life span. A durable box will suffer little wear and tear in the store, and therefore retains its decorative features to the joy of the customer. If necessary, you can wipe the box with a moist cloth.

The box is lined with felt, which protects the piece of jewelry. The jewelry chain can easily be placed under the piece of felt. The cover of the box is made from milk glass-like opal acrylic sheet. In the future, the cover will be made using the same process as with the rest of the casing, which will save cutting residue.

We are continuously developing the box. Feedback on the box from both consumers and retailers would be greatly appreciated. Materials: Biodegradable wood composite, opal acrylic, felt. For more information on the package: